About me

My introduction to the profession of painting and decorating occurred by chance, when I was attending Bloxham School and was offered holiday employment by a local tradesman. It was through watching and working alongside him that I learned the basic skills required for domestic work. At the age of eighteen I joined forces with three friends and we worked together providing local decorating services during every school and university holiday.

After gaining a degree in Product Design at U.W.I.C (Cardiff) in 2005, I travelled the world for a year and returned having made the decision that I would set up my own decorating business.

Initially most of my work revolved around interior and exterior commercial and domestic painting, but my focus changed when I was approached by a Special Effects Artist who had been an Artistic Director with Disney Corporation, and who was keen for me to work alongside him on a freelance basis.

Learning as I worked, my artistic skills developed as we travelled around the country providing special effect finishes for the cabinet doors of many well- known bespoke kitchen companies. Distressing, aging, wood graining and stone effects are some of the skills I have acquired.

Having seen some of my work, a bespoke furniture company then commissioned me to provide paint finishes to their high-end furniture.

I now divide my time between work of a wide variety – from domestic painting and decorating to work of a more specialised nature. I am based in Stratford-upon-Avon, and undertake work primarily in South Warwickshire, North Oxfordshire and London, but am willing to travel elsewhere.

I have gained a reputation for reliability and take great pride in my work.

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